Antonino Chiaramonte is an eclectic Italian musician, internationally acclaimed electroacoustic composer, sound designer, live electronics performer and flautist.

His music production is oriented towards the research and experimentation on new expressive abilities which arise from the interference between different music languages and technologies applied to the arts. His attention is focused on intermediality, live electronics and performers’ interaction, in a continuous dynamic exchange between gesture/improvisation and control/composition.

box He graduated in flute at “St. Cecilia” Conservatoire of Rome.

He studied composition with Mauro Cardi, focusing on electroacoustic music and music and the moving image interaction.

He obtained a First-class Diploma in Electronic Music Composition at Perugia Conservatoire with Luigi Ceccarelli.

He has collaborated with many international festivals both as the composer and live electronics performer.

His piece Riflessioni won the first Prize at the 34th International Competition of Electroacoustic Music - Bourges 2007 and was also selected within the 3rd Federazione CEMAT call for Electroacoustic Music Works CD production.

His piece Envoys has been one of the finalists at the “European competition for live-electronic music projects” organised by ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music), and hosted by the International Gaudeamus Music Week 2007. This work was also selected for the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 2008 - Belfast.

The audio/visual live performance Cut-up & grain, Chapter 1: Life, conceived and performed together with Cesare Saldicco, obtained a Mention within the 36th International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art / Bourges 2009, in the section Arts Electroniques - Category 2.

The Audio-visual work Falling, directed by Adriano Cirulli, has been selected by the ICMC 2012 and screened at IRZU (Institute for Sonic Arts Research) - Ljubljana.

He has been collaborating since 2007 with the dancer and choreographer Francesco Scavetta, producing the sound design and the live electronics music for the piece Sincerely yours, premiered at Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi - Finland. Recently he created the multichannel sound design of Scavetta’s last piece On the Moon and the day after, performing the sound diffusion and live electronics during the premiere at Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO), March 2013.

In 2009 he established, together with Anna Troisi, a project called ..::Electroshop::.., which is a workshop where the building of sounding artworks and the programming of original audio/video signal processing software overlap with music scores or improvised electroacoustic performances, achieving a correspondence between the created instruments, the live video and the music.

He currently is the artistic director and conductor of FLEE (Frosinone Laptop & Electroacoustic Ensemble).

Recently he joined a group of musicians, technologists, composers and instrument builders working on two projects called Operation Integratus and NonRecursive, within the EMERGE (Experimental Media Research Group) of Bournemouth University.

He is a Professor in Performance and Interpretation of Electroacoustic Music at the Frosinone Conservatoire (IT) and former member of the ICCMR (Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research), University of Plymouth (UK) as Honorary Research Fellow in Electronic Music Composition in the Faculty of Arts.

He currently is a PhD candidate in Electroacoustic Audio-visual Composition at the Bournemouth University, under the supervision of Prof Stephen Deutsch.

His works have been successfully performed in Italy, Switzerland, U.S.A., Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands, China, France, Finland, Japan and U.K.

He is also active as movie soundtracks composer:

  • Fatti Osceni in Luogo Pubblico (Public Obscenity); a short film by Stefano Viali.
  • Falling; a short film by Adriano Cirulli.
  • Tutto da Sola; a short movie by Carlo Chiaramonte.
  • Un'infermiera di nome Laura; a film by Stefano Viali.
  • Forme; short movie by Stefano Viali.
  • The Hidden Gendercide; docu-fiction by Stefano Viali.
  • Il Centro del Mondo; documentary by Carlo Chiaramonte [with Luca Chiaramonte].
  • Le donne vestivano gonne fiorite; documentary by Carlo Chiaramonte [with Luca Chiaramonte].
  • Lotta libera; short movie by Stefano Viali (55th Berlinale - Panorama Section. David di Donatello 2005 ex equo - Best Italian short movie).
  • Casa Eden; feature film directed by Fabio Bonzi [with Gian Andrea Tabacchi].
  • Per legittima difesa; short movie by Nancy Tornello (first prize "Corto Concorso Massimo Troisi" 2004).
  • ..::Electroshop::..

    In a moment of inspired synchronicity, Anna Troisi and I felt the stirrings of an idea within each of us; as if hearing the cue tone of a video reel beginning to play, we looked at each other began to laugh and share the first few frames of a ‘Sounding Imaginary Concept’.

    .::Electroshop::.. is a workshop where the building of sounding artworks (the "concrete" musical instruments), the programming of original audio/video signal processing software overlap with music pieces, achieving a correspondence between the created instruments, the live video and the music.


    Operation Integratus are a group of musicians, technologists, composers, instrument builders working within the Experimental Media Research Group (EMERGE) of Bournemouth University, UK.

    Using augmented and experimental musical instruments and interfaces, networked scores, acoustic and data feedback loops and subversive bot interventions - performers, instruments, score and network all conspire to repress the individuals autonomy / ego from the context of the group. The ensemble's new objective is to devise collaborative strategies within the complex mesh of agents that comprise the system, and together, attempt to redefine the nature of ensemble play.

    News & Updates

    Saturday, March 24th 2018 - h. 16:45
    Seeing Sound 2018 - Practice-Led Research Symposium, Bath Spa University (UK)
    Harry Smith’s Early Abstractions, No.7: Color Study (1950-52)
    Electroacoustic Soundtrack by A. Chiaramonte