AW1 Euritmie; per flauto, sax contralto, vibrafono, violino e violoncello. (1988) 03:15
AW2 Somnium Chrisallidis; per flauto, vibrafono e diapositive. (1988) 09:00
AW3 Ars Angelorum (Il Segreto degli Angeli); per flauto, clarinetto, vibrafono, pianoforte e trio d'archi. (1988) 08:30
AW4 Aura Maris; per due flauti e live electronics. (1989) 08:00
AW5 Frix (i baci); per flauto solo. (1990) 02:10
AW6 Congiunzioni Alchemiche; per flauto basso. (1990) 02:30
AW7a "7" vel Causa Universi; (prima versione), per flauto in Do, flauto in Sol, live electronics e nastro magnetico. (1990) 07:00
AW7b "7" vel Causa Universi; (ver. definitiva), per due flauti, bottiglie intonate, Wx11 e live electronics. (1991/94) 09:00
AW8 Dall'Antico Libro della Musica (I frammento); per due flauti, chitarra elettrica, percussioni e live electronics. (1991) 10:30
AW9 La Verde Stella che al Mattino Brilla; per contralto solo, clarinetto, marimba, pianoforte, arpa e orchestra d'archi. (1994) 08:00
AW10 La 'Ill Halla 'Ill Halla; per voci e percussioni campionate. (1995) 03:45
AW11 Musique en Morceaux; per pianoforte. (1995) 08:00
AW12 Jupiter Song; per due flauti, live electronics e nastro magnetico. (1996) 09:00
AW13 Del Respiro delle Acque Celesti; per nastro magnetico. (1997) 29:03
AW14 Dhun-Nun l'Egiziano; per flauto in sol, flauto in do e supporto digitale. (2001) 07:07
AW15 Bushin; per violoncello solo. (2003) 03:15
AW16 Bushin Gokyu Ho; per suoni di violoncello elaborati al computer. (2003) 11:03
AW17 Canaja, canaja; canto tradizionale salentino processato digitalmente ed elaborato al computer. (2005) 05:55
AW18 GranularTrio; per suoni di flauto in sol, chitarra elettrica e percussioni elaborati al computer. (2006) 02:29
AW19 Moroloja; Per voce femminile, voce maschile e percussioni elaborati al computer. (2006) 13:26
AW20 Riflessioni; per suoni di flauto elaborati al computer. (2006) 10:20
AW21 Envoys; per voce femminile, fiati, audio sequencing e live electronics. (2007) 15:00
AW22 Max the cowboy; for computer processed electric guitar sounds and live electronics. (2008) 25:00
AW23 Cut-up & grain, Chapter 1: Life; [with Cesare Saldicco] for live electronics and live video performance. (2008) 21:00
AW24 Etheric Bodies; for sounding sculptures, theremin, trumpet, bass carinet and live electronics. (2009) 12:00
AW25 Falling; [directed by Adriano Cirulli] Visual Music. (2011) 03:39
AW26 Flee from me; [with all the members of FLEE] for six laptops, electric guitar and live video processing. (2013) 08:00
AW27 Into the Volcano; for KTT’s electric bass sounds and multichannel diffusion. (2015) 12:00


In a moment of inspired synchronicity, Anna Troisi and I felt the stirrings of an idea within each of us; as if hearing the cue tone of a video reel beginning to play, we looked at each other began to laugh and share the first few frames of a ‘Sounding Imaginary Concept’.

.::Electroshop::.. is a workshop where the building of sounding artworks (the "concrete" musical instruments), the programming of original audio/video signal processing software overlap with music pieces, achieving a correspondence between the created instruments, the live video and the music.


Operation Integratus are a group of musicians, technologists, composers, instrument builders working within the Experimental Media Research Group (EMERGE) of Bournemouth University, UK.

Using augmented and experimental musical instruments and interfaces, networked scores, acoustic and data feedback loops and subversive bot interventions - performers, instruments, score and network all conspire to repress the individuals autonomy / ego from the context of the group. The ensemble's new objective is to devise collaborative strategies within the complex mesh of agents that comprise the system, and together, attempt to redefine the nature of ensemble play.

News & Updates

Saturday, March 24th 2018 - h. 16:45
Seeing Sound 2018 - Practice-Led Research Symposium, Bath Spa University (UK)
Harry Smith’s Early Abstractions, No.7: Color Study (1950-52)
Electroacoustic Soundtrack by A. Chiaramonte